• Don’t play the martyr for not getting in shape

    Ohh poor you, or the poor fat man or woman, you know the one, the one always complaining how they can never get in shape. How they are such a martyr for any and every cause, anything other than their own well-being. Ohh how they wish we would fall for their insufferable daily situations on how they will always be the victim to being fat. Let the truth be told, they are the only hindrance to their fitness success. Never use an excuse when it comes to taking care of you, let me tell you how.
    There are a few simple ways to change your mentality and your fitness, to easily accommodate the goals you have in mind for yourself. One of the first steps is to believe that you can stick to something and do it, their shouldn’t be anymore of a reason to want to do something that only benefits you. The second step is actually scheduling time to be active. Yes we are all busy, I know, but you make enough time for other appointments in your day, so don’t forget to add an appointment that means something for you. If your day is scattered, fit your fitness times on the in-between, 10 mins here, 15 mins there, your total time starts to add up each day and for the week. If your schedule is routine, switch up your morning or evening with some exercise. It can really help add some variety to your day, as well as keep your day clear of daily monotony. Third is to plan what you are going to do, when you do choose to be active. Whether it’s a group sport, working out at the gym by yourself, or just taking brisk walks, all of these activities add up to your total fitness. Gauge your fitness successes on a weekly basis, things come up and schedules sometimes get switched, so be flexible and try to get as much fitness as you can each week. Last, but not least, be proud of what you have accomplished each week. Sometimes we have to crawl before we can walk, so take things a step at a time. These steps will go somewhere, because any efforts you make in the positive Will have a profound result. Using a little patience with your results never hurts as well.
    Now that you know the steps to a new and better you, stop playing the martyr to why your fitness is not where you want it to be. Start using these steps to your new fitness horizon. And don’t forget to share this article with anyone who says they can’t achieve their fitness goals.
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