Andy Kress: Fitness Trainer & Author

I am Andy Kress

Andy Kress is an elite 1 fitness trainer who offers a variety of unique and specialized services for his clients. His personal approach to each individual’s specific needs sets him apart from the competition. Mr. Kress’s gift of inspiring people to return to their optimal physical and mental health has him touted as one of the top wellness coordinators in North America.  Andy’s clients range from all walks of life, and he is happy to help anyone no matter what their physical or mental condition.
  Through Andy’s caring approach, he helps to bring out the client’s genetically perfect body. He achieves this through nutrition and proper dieting, cardio-strength training, yoga and massage. He has found that providing certain services creates a complete state of well-being for his customers. Andy reviews all aspects of his clients live’s before making decisions, well aware that his customers are the walking billboards for his amazing work.


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