• Switching up your protein sources

    Switching up your protein sources

    When I say protein, most people think meat, but there is so much more in the world of protein. Meat is a complete protein, so most people are drawn to it because it is an easy fix. However, eating the same proteins day-in and day-out tends I create a toxic build up in the body, so it is imperative to switch up proteins on a daily basis.
    Proteins come can from a variety of sources such as plant-based, meats, eggs, milk, nuts, fishes and powdered supplementation. Using a plethora of these different proteins ensures that the body has adequate nutrient sources to provide the building blocks your body needs for repair without toxic build up. Your body needs an array of these protein sources because the small toxins they leave behind in your system. The liver and kidneys do a great job of removing toxins from our body, but when they cannot, our body ingeniously wraps these toxins in fat so they can do no further damage. Our body then stuffs this toxic fat into our cells to prevent the toxins from reaching and destroying essential organs. Even though our body has come up with this brilliant way to resolve toxin build up circulating through the body, it still presents a few problems. Some of the main problems are unnecessary weight gain and the fact the toxins are still stored in the cells of the body, rather than removed. This means the more you consume one single protein, the more potential toxin build up in the cells of your system, thus creating a severe toxic wasteland inside your body.
    Choosing a varied diet complete in multiple proteins allows your body to keep protein toxins down. The less toxins in your system, the better your overall health.
    I know that your favorite foods are your favorite foods, but do not let your favorite proteins be the cause of your demise. Most people will agree, variety is the spice of life. The same goes for your diet, especially with protein, so be sure to switch things up and make you, the best you, you can be.
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