• Switch up your squats for better butts and legs

    Switch up your squats for better butts and legs

    Most people are sticklers for doing their squats one way, a back squat with thighs parallel to the ground. Oh but there’s so much more you can do to these two major muscle groups.
    Switch things up by using a few different ranges of motion of your feet during your squat sessions. Try doing a sumo squat, with the legs extended wide and feet facing out like 10 and 2 on a clock. Then move your legs closely together for a closed-leg squat. You can also use a step to stagger the motion of your squat for either leg. Last but not least is the all explosive jump squat, one of my favorites for really getting those muscles to grow.
    One can also try a variance in squat repetition styles. Try using a half of a repetition and then a whole repetition throughout the squat exercise. Vary your program with doing one rep, then two reps, then three reps, then four reps, and so on. Another style would be to load as much weight on to the squat rack as you can do, complete as many reps as possible, and take weight off as you fail to continue to do the exercise until there is no weight left on the rack.
    Using these different squats variations, repetitions and styles will undoubtedly get you the new gains you’ve been looking for, so don’t be afraid to switch things up. A better butt and set legs will be a reward for your newfound program.
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