• Summer time treats

    Summer time treats

    Summer is soon upon us, and so is wanting to look good in that bathing suit or bikini. There are some easy ways to stay fit and sexy for the upcoming season.
    First, try replacing half of your plate with fruits and vegetables for the summer. These light and refreshing fruits and summer vegetables have plenty of hydration to help you stay hydrated to beat the heat.
    Second, try drinking an 8 ounce glass of water 15 minutes before each meal. This will help satiate you and help you eat less to keep that slim and trim look.
    Third, when barbecuing try to pick lean cuts of meat with very little exposed fat. The leaner than me, the leaner your mid-section.
    Try these helpful hints out for size and get ready for summer of looking your best.
    For more ways to say fit and healthy please stay tuned to my blog at AndyKress.com

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