• Summer smoked meats

    Summer smoked meats

    Ahhh, summer time is upon us. This means getting out the grill and smoker to have a few barbecues. This is a great way to get the friends together, but it is also a great way to consume a lot of carcinogens if overdone.
    Smoked meats are always a favorite during the summer months. Unfortunately, smoked meats pack in lots of carcinogens due to the smoke they are cooked with. Smoke contains many different carcinogens -about 157- that are harmful to the body. Over-consumption allows these harmful free radicals to cling to the cells of the body. Accumulate to many of these free radicals and your possibilities of cancer rises.
    Moderate consumption of smoked meats is recommended, especially during summer’s times of plenty. Make the warm months of the year fun, but keep the eating at a moderate level. Your waistline and your overall health will thank you!
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