• Summer fun equals sunscreen

    Summer fun equals sunscreen

    All too often do we try to get in shape for the summer months. But along with all that tight new, sinewy and curvy skin, we forget to protect it.
    Your dermis is one of the largest organs on your body. Keeping your dermis looking at its best, equals soft skin and very few wrinkles. Helping to protect from wrinkles, sunspots and aging is sunscreen. Sunscreen is a great way to enjoy the summer months and show off that in shape body. Just like most joints and body parts, we only get one for the duration of life, so is true for your dermis or skin. Protecting your skin helps ensure that it stays at its best for a lifetime.
    Remember, our sun and fun of today should not equal the skin cancer of tomorrow. Please be advised to wear sun protection when enjoying the summer months. Your beautiful soft skin will thank you!
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