• Portion control counts!

    Portion control counts!

    When it comes to eating through out the day portion control truly counts, especially as we age. Using portion control when eating each meal does more than one might know.
    Choosing to eat smaller portions throughout the day has so many benefits. When eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day the body’s liver has a chance to easily breakdown foods into a smooth stream of consistent energy. This keeps blood sugar levels from spiking up and down rapidly, which is a major contributing factor to late life diabetes. Smaller portions are also easier for the body to burn calories through the duration between meals. Consuming only 300-400 calories each meals leaves very few calories to burn off than your body doesn’t already consume at rest. That means minimal exercise for those who have a tough time making time to stay in-shape. Consuming 5-6 meals is ideal when eating 300-400 calories per setting.
    If you struggle with a weight problem give this eating style a try. After 30 days you will be amazed with how you feel, combined with loosing a few extra pounds, you will never want to go back to your old eating habits ever again!
    For more ways to stay fit and healthy stay tuned to my blog at Andykress.com.

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