• Obesity crisis = economic crisis

    Obesity crisis = economic crisis

    There is no doubt that America has an obesity crisis, with nearly 70% of the total population overweight or morbidly obese! America’s overstuffed individuals have been taking over our hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as the news. Over-eating, and the resulting obesity it caused, has plunged America into a health insurance and care emergency without any historical reference.
    The most startling concern is the economic impact that all of these of these people are having on our economy. America is changing to meet the needs of the obese persons, but At an astronomical cost, currently estimated to be $190 billion.
    Many things have changed since the obesity crisis has come into play. The cost of healthcare has risen to a substantial extent. Hospitals must rip out walls and doorways to accommodate larger size equipment and hydraulic hoists. Hospitals have also had to rip out wall-mounted toilets and replace them with floor mounted models to accommodate the weight of said individuals. Public transportation’s cost have skyrocketed due to having to put in larger seats and spending more money on brakes and fuel cost.
    Yet the reality is that most of these rising costs can be easily avoided by paying attention to one’s diet. Choosing to a proper portion sizes, as well as a well-balanced diet is an easy way to avoid this obesity crisis and economic crisis.
    Easy ways to change your diet would be to have less of an intake of sugary foods. Sugary beverages and alcohol destroy your waistline, and add to obesity. Also lowering consumption of fatty and fried foods is another easy step to making a small change to the deleterious health problems occurred by obesity. Taking the time to make these few small lifestyle changes will greatly impact your health and the US economy. If we all try a little harder our country and our waistlines can easily turn themselves around.
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