• Moo-ving in the wrong direction

    Moo-ving in the wrong direction

    Redmeat consumption in the US is declining, down to 166 pounds per person in 2013. Yet, that’s still represents a half pound per day of red meat for every man, woman and child in this country-nearly double the global average. As a result, our society is played with many detrimental health repercussions. COPD, heart disease, cancer and a wide array of other diseases are now commonplace, often due to people using primitive thinking about food for our evolved bodies.
    Many cattle herds are kept healthy with antibiotics. These antibiotics are then saturated into the beef that we eat. Studies suggest that over time, antibiotic resistance occurs in bacteria, which is becoming one of modern medicine’s greatest problems.
    Choosing to eat leaner cuts of meat, white meat and fish drastically improves your overall health, as does eating more plants and vegetables. Choosing to keep variety in your diet will be your best bet to keep from moving in the wrong direction.
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