• Lunging your fitness program further

    Lunging your fitness program further

    What does the back-side of the mirror say about you? Most people are so worried about the front of them and what they can see in the mirror, they forget that their back side needs shaping too. Just because it is tough to see, doesn’t mean we need to skip exercising it just as hard as the rest of the muscles in our body. The most commonly missed areas are the hamstrings and butt, especially in men. One way to keep from a flabby, unshapely, or even worse, no-shape at all looking posterior is to do lunges.
    Lunges are a effective way to exercise the hamstring and butt muscles if done correctly. Using these two major muscle groups helps promote HGH hormones to be produced in the body, keeping that youthful look we all so want to keep. Lunges also aide in giving us a curvy back-side, a dimple under our butt cheek and an apple bottom shape to those curvy hips, or powerful inner and outer thighs. Best of all lunges require no special equipment and can be done just about anywhere.
    There are many variations of the lunge. There is the reverse lunge, side lunge, and the 45* angles forward and reverse. Using variations like these are sure leave endless possibilies to your existing workout regime. After a few sets of these body-weight exercises your back-side is sure to perk up and say hello. A combination of all of these variation of lunges is sure to have your workout program lunging forward.
    Make sure to take the time hit these two major muscle groups, your butt, hamstring and significant other will thank you.
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    Special phrase – eat right!

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