• Food for thought when cruising the buffet

    Food for thought when cruising the buffet

    Whether it be on a cruise line, a company dinner or an evening out, buffet-style dining is becoming more and more popular. No matter what your situation is, this area cannot be avoided or denied. If anything, I encourage you to sample all of its temptations, but be sure to set specific limits for yourself. Each time one goes back to the buffet it can be a new memory added to your unforgettable evening, but it can also be a couple hundred more calories added to an expanding waistline.
    Here are a few ways to fight some of the negative effects of over-eating at the buffet. Try eating slower, this gives your body a chance to recognize it is getting full, thus enhancing a slimmer and trimmer you. It normally takes 15 minutes for your brain to recognize that your stomach is full, so slower eating is a chance to let those relays do their wonderful work. Also try sampling a smaller amount of the foods that attract you at the buffet line, but refrain from making a pile of any one thing when filling your plate. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous when choosing your items at the buffet line, try healthy choices that are different then your usual foods made at home. Also try taking small plates back from the buffet line to help keep your portion size down. And remember, you’re not denying yourself anything because you can go back to the line as many times as you please. Another trick is try taking fruit as a replacement for your second place. Birds have less calories and sugars than many other desserts and sweet you may find on the buffet line.
    Using these tips will not only help keep your waistline slim and trim, but it’ll also teaches portion control and food restriction. Nutrition is your best defense on having the body that you want, rather than the one you may be currently in.
    For more ways to be fit and healthy stay tuned to my blog at AndyKress.com.

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