• Fighting fatigue

    Fighting fatigue

    We have all had a case of the blahs, that combination of tiredness and weakness known as fatigue. Know that you’re not alone. Current studies show American’s are sleeping less hours per night then at any other time in their history. The reason is routinely laid off on a heavier than usual work schedule, prompted by a slow economy. Functioning while fatigue is okay for a short amount of time, which can easily be fixed with a little rest.
    However, functioning under fatigue for an extended period of time is a serious health problem and should be a cause for major concern. Chronic fatigue requires a bit more comprehensive plan then just getting a bit more Shadai. This plan is important to follow because those who are chronically fatigued are a threat not only to themselves, but also to the people around them.
    Officially, fatigue can because by both mental and physical conditions. On the mental health side, many chronically fatigue people are those who have a compulsive or perfectionist type of character. They feel they cannot stop until the job is done, no matter how big or small. Physical fatigue is caused by an overexertion of one’s energy, without getting enough nutrients through food or rest in between long hours of labor.
    Easy ways to fight fatigue for people who chronically experience it can be to start eating a diet that is varied and complies with the aspects of the national pyramid plate. Also eating a proper portion size at the right time of day is imperative to fighting fatigue. Choosing to eat foods rich in B vitamins will give you a faster recovery time. Some of these foods include wheat, whole-grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, un-polished rice, milk, bananas, nuts, peas and yeast. Following a diet like this will help your client fatigued be a thing of the past.
    To all of those who read this article, please feel free to list anything that you have done that caused fatigue in your life. Whether it be mental or physical please do not be afraid to share.
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