• Extreme fitness equals extreme injuries

    Extreme fitness equals extreme injuries

    All too often do I hear people telling me about their CrossFit adventures and extreme fitness regimens. Not long after I hear them telling me about this situation do I hear them telling me how their injured.
    CrossFit and other extreme sports are for people who are extremely in shape and looking to push themselves forward into another level. Most of the people trying these programs for the first time are not extreme athletes. Choosing to leap up-and-down on top of boxes, leaping over herdels and do an insane amount of push-ups is not for everyone, especially your joints.
    Your joints are the things that keep your body moving, otherwise we’d be a bunch of stiff and rigid bones. Choosing to do some of these extreme sportsand activities deteriorates the spongy tissues that around your joints that help them move easily. Just trying this tissue ultimately means surgery. Surgery, as you know will ultimately slow down any fitness that you were doing.
    Also doing many of these extreme sports activities also leads to broken bones, sprains and strains. Most of these injuries also inhibit future fitness ideas and goals.
    Make sure that you pick a fitness regimen and style that fits your body type. If you are severely overweight CrossFit another extreme activities such as P90X are very discouraging and not designed for your body type. Older adults should not try such extreme fitness activities either. The likelihood of injury is greater as our age goes up. The time it takes to heal and older body is greater than that of someone half their age. Anyone who’s already been injured should also steer clear of such extreme activities. The likelihood of reentering the same area that is giving you trouble before increases by four times.
    If you are unsure of what to do or what training style best fits you, try contacting a local trainer or someone who specializes in a normal fitness regimen. Try to find someone here emulates how you would like to look, before you go ahead and take any of their advice.
    If you would like to find more ways to stay fit and healthy please stay tuned to my blog at AndyKress.com.

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