• Exercise rejuvenates the skin

    Exercise rejuvenates the skin

    The answer is in! There is a FAST and EASY way to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin at it’s peak. Scientists have discovered a way to make the skin look years younger and only 12 weeks-without any high-tech pills, creams and potions, or exotic foods. The answer is simply exercise.
    Sedentary volunteers in a study were asked to work out for 30 to 45 minutes twice a week at 65% of their maximum heart rate. The results of the study were very profound. Just three months later after evaluating the subjects, their skin in particular, they found that the skin rejuvenated itself to up to 50% of that age the person was. That’s right, if you’re in your 40s you can have skin of that of a 20-year-old again! Best of all, wrinkles on the face had dissipated on most of the study subjects from being more active, talk about a win-win!
    Be sure not to forget about the exposed skin to the sun though. Choosing to use sunblock will save your skin for years to come. Always choose to use sunblock when enjoying those outdoor activities and exercise, it will keep your skin looking at its optimal in fighting off all those harmful sun rays.
    It is for sure that you’ll be wanting to go out there and show off that flawless new skin – with less wrinkles – and newfound body that has been tightening and toning with each session of light rigorous exercise after you start this program.
    There you have it, exercise is the easiest, simplest, and best thing you can do for your skin in the shortest amount of time. And remember to put on your sunblock, then you’ll always have them guessing your age.
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