• Dieting at work and on the go

    Dieting at work and on the go

    There are always far too many excuses why people on the go can’t eat a well-balanced diet. They are experts at coming up with a litany of reasons why their diet and nutrition are placed toward the bottom of their busy calendars. The irony, of course, is that they are exactly the people who should be most conscious of the fuel that will keep their bodies functioning properly at an accelerated pace.
    For those of us who are stuck at work all day with very little time to get away, your best line of defense against food deprivation is to plan ahead. Pack a lunch, snack, or what ever it takes to keep you constantly fueled throughout the entire day. This will keep essential blood sugars flowing throughout the body and keep your energy levels up. Be sure to eat small quantities of food throughout the day of the correct foods you should be eating. This will help ensure that fat storage is contained to a minimum. Remember, your body works off of thermogenics, so when you fueling your body think of throwing twigs in the fireplace, rather than throwing on a hearty log.
    Try keeping your intake less than 500 cal per serving is a great start, but keeping levels of saturated fat calories low is even better. Choose less fatty foods during your many meals throughout the day. There are many restaurants and places that are accommodating such a lifestyle. Choose these restaurants before indulging in something that could be detrimental to your health program.
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