• Common mistakes that hinder your fitness program

    Common mistakes that hinder your fitness program

    There are many ways to exercise in today’s society. There is even more of an array of styles one can choose to train with such as crossfit, T-25, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, jazzercise, aquatic training, cross-training, ect., ect. The most common is exercising at the gym under under ones own thoughts and ideas. Commonly most people under their own guidance do not get there maximum results out of their workout regime.
    The most hindering mistake by most exercise-goers do is to constantly do the same workout, even if you are steadily increasing the weight. A lack in creativity when coming up with a workout programs means a lack in gains when it comes to progressing. Do not be afraid to switch up the weights, reps, sets, length of workout and variations of moves for each exercise. This will help you acquire new muscle development all the way around. Another common misconception is doing long bouts of cardio-exercise and taking in too few of calories throughout the day. Extreme amounts of prolonged cardio-exercise without a proper and balanced diet truly hinder your successful weight-loss program. Eating a balanced diet of 1200-1500 calories is ideal for a weight-loss program of up to seven hours of exercise per week. The last common mistake I will cover is doing an excessive amount of abdominal crunches to achieve six pack abs. A 1000 crunches a day will not over-compensate for a poor diet. Eating correctly 85% of the time is your best way to achieve those 6-pack abs. Low body fat is the key to keeping those abs shining through with minimal abdominal exercise.
    Making wise choices at the dinner table and understanding your body before you start exercising is vital if you want to get the most out of your workout program. Be just as creative with each meal as with your workout routine, and the body you working so hard to get will blossom right in front of your eyes.
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