• Can’t sleep?? Try banana tea

    Can’t sleep?? Try banana tea

    From time to time we all had trouble sleeping. But there is a quick and easy remedy for some of those nights of insomnia. This remedy is so easy, all you have to do is heat some water and drink it. It’s called banana tea, and it will be your new best friend on the next restless night.
    How do you prepare…
    Boil 1L of water. Cut off the ends of a banana and put it in the water, without peeling or chopping it. Take the banana out after 10 minutes, filter the water and let the banana tea cool. Add a little cinnamon or honey to taste, and you have yourself a nice tall glass of banana tea.
    This tea is a great and all natural alternative to sleeping pills. The magnesium that the banana releases in the tea helps calm your body and relax your muscles.
    So the next time you’re having trouble sleeping, head out to the kitchen and find that tall glass of banana tea, your healthy alternative to another restless night.
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