• Better workouts come from better grip strength

    Better workouts come from better grip strength

    When I ask most people about the exercises they do in their daily workout routines, very rarely, if ever, do I hear anyone say that they work on their finger abductors and adductors, wrists or forearm extensors. But these muscle groups play a key role in most of all of your upper body workouts. These muscles control your grip strength. With better grip strength you can enhance your performance on some of those dynamic exercises such as dead lifts, pull ups and all variations of rows. Being able to grip and hold onto bar to get a few more reps in means more gains in your exercise regime.
    To improve your grip strength use a variation of these different exercises. These exercises include wrist curls in all directions, reverse bicep curls – inverted and everted, as well as finger adductions and abductions. Adductions and abductions can be done with squeezable clamps for finger abductions and spongy five fingered elastic bands for the adductions.
    Choosing to have better control over the muscles that keep control of the weight or bar is always a good idea. But if better grip strength means more gains in the gym, it’s a real no-brainer, start doing them today!
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