• Better abs start in the kitchen

    Better abs start in the kitchen

    All the time I hear about people wanting better abs. Many questions consist if what exercises to do, but in all actuality it truly begins in the kitchen. A 1000 crunches a day cannot beat the effects of a proper well-balanced diet. No matter what the exercise, if you don’t eat the right foods the abs will not show through.
    A balanced diet consists of LOTS of fruits and vegetables, about 50%. Choose to eat lean healthy proteins. Don’t forget the healthy fats in olive oil, nuts, seeds, legumes and avocados. Keeps your portions small, 300-400 calories per meal about 5-6 times a day. Add lots of water to stay fully hydrated, and whalla, you are on the road to success. It really is no harder than this.
    Try this for one month and see the difference. You will begin to shed the layers of fat, and as the body fat drops to 11% or below those abs will pop right out and say hello. So if a sexy beach body with tight abs is what you want, make the right choices in the kitchen.
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