• Beeting nutrition into you!

    Beeting nutrition into you!

    There is a trendy new way to beat stagnation in your workout regiment, as well as have a delicious vegetable added to your plate. It is something that is been around for years, but is making a major comeback in a big way, beets.
    Beets are springing back on restaurant menus everywhere. It seems today there isn’t many high-end restaurants that do not offer some kind of a beet and goat cheese salad. Sliced, diced, fried, sautéed and roasted, whichever way you prefer it, beets are becoming a hit trend on many menus. As an avid exercise enthusiast I am all for this addition to the menu and this is why.
    Anyone who is into fitness should definitely should be into beets, because they contain a compound in them called betaine. Betaine is a compound that boosts muscle synthesis and promotes strength and power gains. Beets are also rich in nitrates. Nitrates when converted into nitric oxide in the body is responsible for significant benefits in blood flow, which is also great for muscle growth for those who exercise regularly.
    There are other ways to reap the benefits of this wonder vegetable if you do not like the taste or have time to cook them. Juicing beets is a great way to get down all of those essential nutrients in an easy gulp. Add the juice into your favorite smoothies or juiced drinks, the added taste will presently surprise you. You can also take beet extract, often called beet root or beet juice powder, this supplement comes in an easy to swallow pill form.
    Whether you choose to bring this divine vegetable to your dinner table, drink it, or take it supplementally, you diet can’t go wrong with the added benefits beets. Once you get used to the enhanced workout program and new gains in muscle mass, you will be sure to be “Beeting” down the door at the grocery store for more.
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