• Aging and your diet, when 3 meals a day are no longer and not.

    Aging and your diet, when 3 meals a day are no longer and not.

    It is inevitable. Every day we remain alive, our bodies age. For most of us, that means wrinkles, some fat, and easy not so few G generative diseases. Fortunately, many of these diseases can be prevented, if you take the steps necessary to keep them at bay.
    Medical studies over the years have taught us that good nutrition is one of the best ways to prevent many of the debilitating and degenerative diseases that can plague us as we age, among them osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease.
    Believe it or not, older people are the most malnutritioned of any group in America. This is mainly due to the darling of the senses as we age, as well as having fixed incomes or the sudden loss of a partner.
    As we age, muscle mass decreases, mainly to disuse, as well as fatty tissues increasing from a slowing metabolism. This means cutting back the calories as we age gracefully. The average person must cut calories that 10% every decade after he or she turns 30 years old. As your age increases, your body’s ability to absorb and use vitamins and minerals decreases. This decrease means there must be an increase in supplementation if you’re not being a well-balanced diet. And a well-balanced diet is imperative as we age.
    Along with your healthy diet, remember to drink plenty of water to wash down about 100 ounces of the good stuff. Hydration is just as important as diet, especially if you’re older and taking many medications.
    In the time it took you to read this article, you just got a bit older! Remember these facts when it comes to eating and will be a bit wiser, too.
    For more ways to say fit and healthy, please stay tuned to my blog at AndyKress.com.
    Special message- eat wisely!

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